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Omar Choque

Professional Dancer, Co-Founder

Omar is a professional dancer, consultant, organizer, choreographer, improviser, and a principal instructor within a number of dance studios across the GTA. Omar has taught synchronous and asynchronous dance sessions professionally for over a decade and currently teaches over 30 different social and competitive dance styles within Ballroom, Latin, Club Latin, and Afro-Latin, specializing in salsa and its derivatives. Omar’s unique teaching style introduces elements from various dance disciplines and adopts stimulating concepts from his graduate training in kinesiology and nutrition to students of all levels.
Omar’s passion for teaching, dancing, and music has resulted in his continuous commitment to inspire students to think conceptionally beyond the classroom and have fun discovering innovative ways to move to the beat of their own rhythm.

Sharon Levit

Professional Dancer, Co-Founder

Sharon has been dancing for 25 years. He has numerous national championship titles that include International Latin, American Smooth and Rhythm, 9-Dance and 10-Dance. He’s spent his life learning from some of the world’s leading Dance instructors. He has been sharing this knowledge with his students for the last 20 years. He’s a big believer that dance lessons are life lessons as well, and that idea permeates his teaching style which is gentle, fun, and informative. He’s a big believer that a dance studio should be a warm, welcoming, and inclusive community for people that want to enjoy a lifestyle of music and movement.


Tina Tabrizizadeh

Professional Dancer, Instructor

Tina’s passion for dance started in 2014, when she first discovered the world of salsa and bachata. Since then, she has immersed herself in the Latin dance scene, attending multiple dance congresses, including the Canada Salsa and Bachata Congress. Here, Tina has had the privilege of learning from some of the world’s most renowned Latin dancers, such as Karen & Ricardo and Antonio & Jasmina, honing her skills and expanding her dance repertoire.

As a natural teacher at heart, Tina found her calling in sharing her love of dance with others. She began her teaching journey at Queen’s University Spanish and Latin Student Association (QSALSA) in Kingston, where she quickly gained a reputation for making every class a fun and exciting learning experience. Her infectious energy and enthusiasm have led her to instruct over 100 students in salsa and bachata, culminating in multiple performances over the years.

Driven by her passion for dance and a desire to keep the spirit of Latin dance alive throughout the pandemic, Tina founded Kingston Latin Beats Dance Club in 2020. What started as a small project of teaching one Salsa Footwork class per week quickly grew into a thriving dance school, offering a variety of classes to students of all levels. Tina’s commitment to her students and the dance community has been unwavering, and her efforts have brought joy and positivity to dancers throughout Kingston.

Now, Tina has brought her talents to Oshawa, and she is excited to continue her journey of introducing the joy of Salsa and Bachata dancing to the Durham region. With her infectious energy, passion, and expertise, she is sure to inspire a new generation of dancers and grow the Latin dance community in the area.

Ryan Vides

Professional Dancer, Instructor

Ryan has been surrounded with music since he was a child. Born in Guatemala, then started discovering his amazing potential since he arrived in Canada in 2019. He has had the opportunity to meet great dancers and reside with them since he began his adventure in this industry. Since then, his environment, his friends, and his social settings have all been associated with music and dance. This got him very involved with Bachata, Salsa, and Merengue. Having great teachers and friends like Eduardo Esteban (Lalo), gave him the extra push to be the dancer that he is today. Since then, Ryan has participated in different congresses such as, Canada Salsa Congress, taking home great placings.

In 2021, he decided to focus on the Durham region and started teaching the passion of Salsa and Bachata at Durham College. Over the past year, Ryan has taught and inspired over 100 students. He then branched out to teach at a variety of events around the Durham area.

With his unique style, charisma, and good humor, Ryan will allow you to see that dancing is a great way of expressing joy and having fun at the same time while you are dancing.

Sharaf Malik

Professional Dancer, Instructor

Sharaf Malik is a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher based in Toronto, Canada. Dancing has been part of Sharaf’s life since she was a little girl growing up in Baku, Azerbaijan. She first began her training with classical ballet and Azeri folk. Sharaf discovered her passion for Latin and Ballroom dancing, once she moved to Canada, as a young teenager. Throughout the years, she continued to push her creative boundaries by adding Hip-Hop/Heals, Salsa, and Bachata to her repertoire. She has trained with some of the best dancers and coaches in the world, and has competed and performed at various events in Canada and internationally.

Currently, Sharaf is an active member of two professional salsa/bachata dance teams and teaches in some of the most well-known dance studios/events in Toronto. Sharaf is also a Registered Kinesiologist and applies her knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to her teaching and training. While working full-time, Sharaf’s burning passion for dance fuels her motivation and commitment to continue doing what she loves most.


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