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“I always had a passion for dance but never had the opportunity learn or be trained until much later in life. I met Sharon six years ago and I’m hooked on ballroom dancing since then. Thanks to Sharon, I have grown leaps and bounds in my dance journey and gone from literally no dancer to a confident individual who no longer fears stepping onto a competition dance floor. Sharon is the most patient teacher I have ever had. He has helped me to understand all that is important in ballroom dancing, worked tirelessly with me to improve my technique and challenged me to learn choreography that I thought I could never master. More importantly Sharon is a kind and gentle soul who has become a dear friend to our family. Charles and I send our heartiest congratulations and best wishes to Sharon Levit and Omar Choque on the occasion of the opening of their new dance studio “Happy Feet Dance Studio”. May many more who walk through the doors of “Happy Feet Dance Studio” discover the bliss of dance and the pleasure of knowing the man behind it.”


“Growing up, I never thought I would feel comfortable on the dance floor, as I felt stiff and that I had no rhythm. That all changed in 2015 when I started salsa lessons with Omar as a way to meet people. Omar’s classes are amazingly fun and interactive, and he can explain all the fine details in a way that makes sense to anybody. I also really love his sense of style, combining the technical with the artistic, in a way that connects with the music and brings it to life. From my first class, seeing Omar dance inspired me to start practicing almost everyday, which improved my dancing faster than I thought possible. All this progress got me excited to learn more, leading to dance becoming my main passion. I’ve since gone on to do performances, competitions, and even started teaching dance, all thanks to Omar’s instruction. Most importantly, I feel so much more confident going to a social and dancing with anybody. Now whenever I travel for work, I make time to go social dancing, and have met so many people around the world through the language of dance.”

Jordan Lee

“I have been dancing with Sharon Levit and Omar Choque (known as Happy Feet Dance Studio) for 5 years now! The day I finally got the courage to walk through those doors, was the day my life changed forever. Aside from these dance teachers being the most educated and professional I’ve seen. They also treat you like family every single time you come in. I can have a horrible day at work or home, I pop into the studio and my whole day has turned around. Group classes, dance parties, private lessons in ballroom and salsa keeps everything new and fresh and exciting. There is so much to do and learn. It’s exercise without the gym! It’s a community of people who just want to see each other smile. I would definitely suggest checking them out, you won’t regret it. And you don’t even need a partner!”


“I love to dance and must say it has been a privilege and honour to have Omar as my dance instructor for the last 6+ years. Not only am I fortunate to have such a talented dancer as an instructor but also someone who truly puts the word teach in teacher. Many can be labeled as an instructor/teacher but not many actually have the ability and patience to break things down and deliver the steps or patterns in a manner that just makes sense. To say I’m a changed man since being under Omar’s tutelage would be an understatement. My love for dance has been fueled by Omar and he’s given me so many opportunities to enhance my skills, partake in performance, teach, and increase my self-confidence. From your first interaction with him, you will not be disappointed. Trust me!”

Oduro Owusu

“It took a long time to find a great instructor. Sharon has been incredibly supportive, patient and creative in his teaching. I appreciate him as a leader in the industry, an instructor and a friend. He is able to articulate the changes I need to improve and become the dancer I wish to be. Happy Feet will not disappoint the new comer or the advanced student to bring their dancing to new levels.”


“I absolutely love, love my lessons! My lessons with both Sharon and Omar are always purposeful and filled with content but also filled with lots of belly aching laughs! Both Sharon and Omar are not just amazing and talented teachers, they are also amazing individuals with a big heart who genuinely puts their students’ best interest first. I am proud to be part of the Happy Feet family!”


“I’ve been dancing with Omar Choque since 2016. Omar is very patient when comes to teaching. He was able to work through and figure out how I learn best. In less than a year, I competed at the largest Ballroom competition in Canada, La Classique du Québec. Although you may not be looking for that, don’t rule it out! It was such a great experience and a lot of fun! Omar didn’t just get me ready, he also choreographed all my routines- he is very talented. There, I competed in many forms of dance. Social (Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Hustle), American Smooth (Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz), American Rhythm (Cha Cha, Rumba, East Coast Swing, Bolero, Mambo), International Standard (Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep). Overall, whether you want to learn a routine for your wedding dance, compete, or to exercise your body and mind, dance is a great social way of making new long lasting friends that also love to dance.”

Charmaine Simard

“It’s a dream come true dancing with Sharon. Have been trying to have him as my teacher for 2 years – I found my tribe”



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